Leave stress and the everyday routine behind and dive into a world of harmony and well-being.

Classic massage
A Classic Relaxation massage is time spent on pampering yourself. It allows you to become aware of tension in your body. This makes it an excellent massage for relieving tension and pain, as well as keeping your body healthy. The stroking and kneading techniques used stimulate skin blood flow, the connective tissue underneath and muscle tissue. This accelerates the way the body eliminates waste and helps ensure that nutrients penetrate deep into the tissue. In a short space of time you reach a deep state of relaxation

Full body
The classic massage is a one-of-a-kind experience you won´t easily forget…
CHF 150.00 | Treatment: 60 minutes

Partial body massage
The light massage focuses on neck, shoulders and legs
CHF 70.00 | Treatment: 30 minutes

Combination back massage and Dapto Remedial Therapy
Gentle stretching on air cushions according to Dorn, rounded off with a relaxing back massage and massage with the G5 massage machine.
CHF 85.00 | Treatment: 30 minutes

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„AB-C method“
This unique method was specifically designed to calm aching legs and improve cellulitis. Arsène Bleimling developed this manual method, which varies according to each client´s specific connective tissue, based on 40 years professional experience.

The „AB-C method“ is offered as a package. Treatments may also be booked individually.
CHF 145.00 | Single treatment
CHF 1‘350.00 | Package of 10
Duration: 45 minutes per treatment

Your masseur

Through the 40 years of experience, Arsène Bleimling has continually expanded his knowledge. After all these years of massages and training, his hands know exactly what to do.
The secret of his massages is the passion for his job and the love for the clients.
The treatment room you’ll find on the 1st floor